Program Details

Max # of Students

Auditorium capacity per performance


75-90 minutes

Space Requirements

Auditorium or other theatrical space with appropriate lighting. The stage area should be at least 20 ft. wide, 15 ft. deep and 10 ft. high. Also, the stage must be handicapped accessible for the Holocaust speaker.

Tech Requirements

Tuned piano; table and chair for use onstage; one microphone; sound system to play CD; laptop with projector; and screen to projecting opera super-titles and workshop.

Available Dates

Flexible scheduling based on availability.


$500 includes teacher meeting, resource packet, opera workshop, The Diary of Anne Frank opera performance and Holocaust survivor talk. Multiple performances available for additional fee. Sponsorships may be available for schools unable to pay full program fees.

Special Considerations

8th graders from LBUSD preferred, but any middle school or high school is welcome to participate.


Contact Name

Dr Kevin St. Clair
Education Coordinator


507 Pacific Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802




562-683 -2109



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From LBO’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank

backgroundStandards & Learning
Long Beach Opera serves to expand the boundaries of the opera experience by presenting new and rare works that will engage a diverse audience and instill a love for opera in youth. OperaEncounter offers students opportunities to participate as audience members and gain an appreciation for the arts. Since 2007, over 11,000 local students have been introduced to opera. There are 2 arts education programs: OperaAccess and Opera@School .


Opera@School Includes
• Teacher meeting
• Teacher resource packet with lesson plans and activities to enhance the students’ learning experience
• Interactive opera workshop
• In-school opera performance of The Diary of Anne Frank composed by Grigori Frid
• Discussion with a Holocaust survivor

Opera@School is an on-campus performing arts program that engages students in exploring issues of tolerance, racism, ethics, social responsibility, personal strength, integrity, and hope. Students will become well-rounded members of the community and have a critical understanding of the past and its implications for the present and future.
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