Program Details

Max # of Students



90 min sessions once and/or twice a week.

Space Requirements

Classroom for workshops - auditorium for presentation

Tech Requirements

Available Dates

Programming is available year round. Please call our office to schedule workshops


All programs are custom designed, the fee is based on various specifics of each program.

Special Considerations

Custom designed sessions can be combined to fit the allotted time-frame and modified to fit the number of students, available resources and students’ aptitude and multiple grade levels.


Contact Name

Sydney Adams
Program Coordinator


672 Lafayette Park Place Suite 47
Los Angeles, CA 90057







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backgroundStandards & Learning
Founded in 1987, Theatre Of Hearts, a dynamic Los Angeles based nonprofit organization, promotes understanding between people through cultural and artistic forums and empowers local communities through education in the arts. In 1992, Theatre Of Hearts introduced the Youth First Artist-In-Residence Program. Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First (TOHYF) connects professional artists with at-risk and underserved youth to prevent and intervene in youth-on-youth violence by involving youngsters (grades K-12) in long term, high quality, multidisciplinary fine arts educational workshops in urban schools, community sites and juvenile detention centers throughout Los Angeles County. All of the programs conform to the California State Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts, TOHYF’s goals are to expand the number of schools, youth and artists involved; enhance the depth and complexity of arts instruction; increase teacher involvement; and strengthen the local sense of community.


A professional actor/playwright, using a hands-on approach, deconstructs one culturally relevant play. Teachers and students acquire the skills and techniques to produce the play and other theatrical productions within their classrooms. TOHYF workshops follow the California State Standards for the Language Arts, supporting reading, writing and oral conventions. Every Artist-In-Residence Program is uniquely designed to fulfill the needs of each site we serve. TOHYF has over twenty-two years experience providing quality arts education to a diverse population. Any physical, emotional or learning disabilities are included in the criteria when designing the program. In consultation with the school staff, we select from our roster of over 300 artists, the Artist/Mentor with the specific arts education skills and experience best suited to develop the curriculum, consider special needs, inspire and motivate the students, foster group participation, and help develop self esteem.
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